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Porsche of Hawaii

Work For a Great Boss!

Happy National Boss’s Day!


Bosses day is a day to celebrate and show appreciation to your boss or manager. Chances are they wear many hats and find accommodations that are a fit for everyone. Show them your appreciation by letting them know that you admire their efforts or that you are thankful to have them as the person you report to.


There are many reasons a boss can be labeled as great. From huge accomplishments that they are able to manage a number of team members and ensure that the company meets its goals, but aside from the obvious, there are many other reasons a boss can be a great leader.

Here are some traits that make a great boss:

  • Great listener
  • Recognize individual talents
  • Encourages you
  • A great coach
  • Knows your personal career goals and helps you achieve them
  • Let’s your take the lead
  • Allows you to come up with and execute ideas
  • Flexible when something personal or family oriented comes up

This is what the employees of Porsche of Hawaii has to say about working for their boss!:


“My GM is Dennis Rademacher. Dennis is a pleasure to work for. I’ve never seen him upset, and he never speaks harshly to anyone. He’s almost always here, and his door is always open and happy to help. Since he’s been doing this for so long, whenever I have what seems like a difficult question or situation, he knows immediately what to do. It’s always reassuring to know Dennis is here.” 


“Jim is always smiling, His positive attitude is infectious. The thing that I admire about Jim is that behind his Family, and BLUE his dog, the dealership family is right there. Jim is a hard worker and if there’s a way he can maximize people coming in our doors than you can bet that he has explored that avenue. The fact he has a meeting table in his office is a great sign that he is a collaborator. He has the unique quality of a Coach when he encourages you. Coaches push you to become something better than yourself and that’s the atmosphere that I get from him.”


If you want to work for an awesome boss, or be an awesome boss, then you should consider working for Porshe of Hawaii a Fletcher Jones Company! Check out our careers page for all open positions and full career descriptions. If you see anything you like, apply! Don’t see an open position that fits your skill set? Send in an application anyways. We always keep applications on file for future opportunities.